Monday, October 26, 2009

Extreme Makeover

(It felt magical)

At some point, we’ve all viewed a makeover witnessed magical results. Admit it, you’ve envied the chosen. “Pick me! Pick me!” screamed your inner perceived plain self. I want to be transformed!

Here is a transformation of another sort. Wool to felt. Nature’s way, presumably, of consolidating, providing additional protection, another layer of warmth. A simple process, really, no special tools or skill required. The natural scales and kinks found on wool fibers twist, dance and ultimately marry to form the strongest of bonds when combined with water and friction.

(from this)

If only our own transformation could be so easily accomplished! A good scrubbing, a well-placed snip…



  1. LOVE the transformation. It looks fantastic.

  2. Oooohhhhhh! I like it!
    I have several ultra long ( I didn't know when to stop and loved the clicking of the needles...) scarves I've knitted. Maybe I can transform them! Great idea!

    And now to me. Can I just wash or boil myself to turn out better? Wouldn't that just be spiffey.