Friday, October 15, 2010

Now THAT'S Creative!

I recently discovered great example of artistic design and craftsmanship demonstrated in a line of clothing made in Nepal.

Tie dye shirt

ANOTHER tie dye shirt

The journey (albeit virtual) of discovery began with a simple tag. “MADE IN NEPAL” read the unassuming little tab hidden inside a friend’s fantastic hoodie. How hard could it be to find a beautiful, well made, exceedingly cool item of clothing, having been provided with the clue; MADE IN NEPAL? Actually, I could find them but only in wholesale lots (i.e. many, many, wait for it… many). After an extended, frustrating search for a retail option for these incredible works of art, (I only wanted ONE!) I resorted to purchasing a wholesale LOT. It was like Christmas morning when UPS delivered! Yes, I got my shirt. I also got a plethora of others, all different sizes and colors. No two alike..Please visit here to…ahem… share the wealth.

Cool Hoodie with PEACE sign on back

Embellished by hand

Friday, January 1, 2010

Looking Forward

Ah, beginnings…

There’s something so energizing about the first day of a new year!


All things are possible.

A clean slate.

A fresh start.

Here’s to looking forward with eyes wide open to possibilities and hearts wide open with joy.