Friday, October 15, 2010

Now THAT'S Creative!

I recently discovered great example of artistic design and craftsmanship demonstrated in a line of clothing made in Nepal.

Tie dye shirt

ANOTHER tie dye shirt

The journey (albeit virtual) of discovery began with a simple tag. “MADE IN NEPAL” read the unassuming little tab hidden inside a friend’s fantastic hoodie. How hard could it be to find a beautiful, well made, exceedingly cool item of clothing, having been provided with the clue; MADE IN NEPAL? Actually, I could find them but only in wholesale lots (i.e. many, many, wait for it… many). After an extended, frustrating search for a retail option for these incredible works of art, (I only wanted ONE!) I resorted to purchasing a wholesale LOT. It was like Christmas morning when UPS delivered! Yes, I got my shirt. I also got a plethora of others, all different sizes and colors. No two alike..Please visit here to…ahem… share the wealth.

Cool Hoodie with PEACE sign on back

Embellished by hand

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