Wednesday, February 25, 2009

around and around...

Have you ever witnessed an animal marching methodically in circles until, as if in response to some whispered command, he decidedly plants himself?

That’s a fitting analogy for knitting in the round– except for the planting decidedly part. There’s something soothing, something primal in the rhythmic completion of the circle – over and over and over. Just one more round…

Pictured here is what is currently keeping me marching methodically in circles.

This is the second half of a pair of sassy fingerless gloves. Only a few more circles remain, around and around…

(Store update – YES, the doors have been flung open!)

1 comment:

  1. I learned knitting, and can do it. I can even remember how to cast. Although knitting is not for me, I believe knitting is actually for energetic people who want to keep their fingers moving as they watch a game or show on TV. It's soothing to be doing something productive (active?) instead of just sitting. I believe it has to be good for the mind as well.