Tuesday, April 14, 2009


While approaching the end of a project recently, I found myself lapsing into a bit of a creative funk. What required mere hours to wrap up was turning into a succession of days. How could such initial passion turn to drudgery? A common occurrence, I think, with creative types.

What now? The owner of the creative gene is rarely allowed to rest, and heaven forbid, relax! So how do you kick-start the quest for inspiration? Try remembering that the world is not flat. Creatively-speaking, a flat world can be comfortable, at times cathartic, even necessary. However, the real rush (think; energy renewal) begins when you venture over that foreboding edge.

I recently faced my own fear of Death-by-Power-Tool and/or Fire by creating something I didn’t imagine remotely possible (by me). Ok, I enlisted an SFS (Skilled, Fearless Someone) to assist with the basics. (An SFS is an important component when you’re dealing with your own perceived mortality.) The result of the fear-facing serves as a dermabrasion for the creative spirit. Your newly awakened creative nerve-endings are tingling again. And that’s the point! Not necessarily finding a new passion but taking that positive, courageous step toward the preservation of your creative soul.

comfortable, cathartic, necessary...

power tools and fire...


  1. Excellent thoughts here. Some of your phrases hit me just the right way: "dermabrasion for the creative spirit"... "creative nerve-endings"... "preservation of your creative soul."

    I think you're so right that we DO need those soothing, "flat-world" times...but then we also need to leap off the edge! I really enjoyed this.

  2. The "power tools and fire" creation--is that a pin? It's beautiful! Are the circles soldered? Is that glass/beach glass? Very cool.
    Are you keeping all these writings in a journal for a future book?